Gamboni Landscape Architect
30 Years Experience

Based in Stockton, California, Mr. Gamboni is a Registered Landscape Architect and a Certified Arborist. He is the Principal of Jeffrey F. Gamboni Landscape Architects, a five person office founded in 1992.
The firm's projects have become increasingly complex within the last ten years as the variety and size of the projects have increased. These have included the landscapes for wineries, country clubs, parks, boulevards, shopping centers, office buildings, schools, churches, and urban plazas amongst other things. We also take great pride in our garden design for residences and enjoy collaborating with homeowners and their consultants to develop the design of the outdoor living areas.
Our firm has a special interest in elevating the planting design within its projects utilizing our experience in arboriculture and horticulature to inform our plant selections. Our decisions are based not only on immediate effects, but also the long term effectiveness of the plant material. We are particularly interested in selecting plants that meet the needs of the site and users while addressing maintenance concerns as well. We are comminted to reducing maintenance costs through careful and deliberate plant selection with a view toward eliminating unnecessary pruning. We always advocate for and specify low water using and native plants where appropriate.

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