Welcome to our Company

Mr. Gamboni is the Principal of Jeffrey F. Gamboni Landscape Architects, a five-person office founded in 1992. Jeff is a Stockton native who attended St. Mary’s High School and returned to Stockton in 1987 after completing graduate studies at Harvard University, apprenticing in the bay area and obtaining his professional license. He managed the landscape architecture division of a local architecture firm for five years before establishing his own office.

Since then the firm’s projects have become increasingly complex as the variety and size of projects have increased. The variety of projects we have planned and designed is notable. These have included landscapes for wineries, country clubs, parks, boulevards, shopping centers, office buildings, schools, churches and urban plazas. We have participated in many local award-winning projects: Weber Point Event Center (1998); City Centre Cinema and Janet Leigh Plaza (2003); Lathrop Civic Center (2007); Stockton Marina and Joan Darrah Promenade and Stockton Marina (2008-2009); and Stockton’s Delta Water Supply Project (2012). Collaboration at this level with multiple participants in the public arena is a satisfying reward for hard work and attention to detail.

We are entirely conversant in the language of sustainability which has become the hallmark of civic, commercial and institutional design. We collaborate with architects and engineers to introduce meaningful site enhancements which ultimately contribute to LEED certification. We are familiar with the requirements necessary to achieve certification including specifying qualifying materials, preparing and submitting templates and providing supporting documentation.

Our firm has a special interest in highlighting planting design by utilizing our experience in arboriculture and horticulture to inform our plant selections. Our decisions are based not only on immediate effects, but also the long-term effectiveness of the plant material. Drought tolerant plantings are the obvious choice in our designs. We promote sustainability by not only lowering water use but also by reducing maintenance costs through careful and deliberate plant selection and placement with a view toward eliminating unnecessary pruning.

We are intimately involved in the irrigation design of all our projects. We specify state-of-the-art equipment to achieve maximum efficiency in water utilization and have incorporated non-potable sources when available. We collaborate with irrigation designers on larger projects and take a great interest in providing water-conserving, efficient irrigation plans. We are thoroughly knowledgeable of the requirements resulting from the state adopted Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance associated with Assembly Bill 1881 and incorporate those criteria in our designs.

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